Jasna Rok – “Panamarenko coffee couture” & “Futurism”

28/06/17 - Internet of Women Things, Programma
Jasna Rok – “Panamarenko coffee couture” & “Futurism”

Een laag nanotechnologie met anti-transpiratie functie: kleding die je nooit meer hoeft te wassen.

This digital designed dress has an invisible nanotechnology layer on top of the digitally printed fabrics. This makes the textiles super hydrophobic, which means they are water-repellent, UV-protected and stain resistant. The higher purpose here is to create textiles we don’t need to wash anymore.

“The digital revolution opens up a new world of opportunities and forces us to re-think clothing, textiles and the fashion industry as a whole. With our projects, we investigate the boundaries between fashion and technology.”- Jasna Rok