Paula Pin, Mary Maggic, Rian Hammond – Becoming with Schizophyllum Commune

06/04/17 - High Tech Presentaties, Internet of Women Things, Programma
Paula Pin, Mary Maggic, Rian Hammond – Becoming with Schizophyllum Commune

Xenoestrogen Microdoser: fungal directed evolution device for toxic becomings.

Schizophyllum Commune is een paddenstoel die bepaalden deeltjes af kan breken: hormoon- achtige petrochemische producten die worden aangetroffen in schoonheidsproducten, die in voedsel worden verwerkt, in kunststoffen en in sporen in alle omgevingen over de hele wereld..

S.Commune is an extraordinary mushroom with over 28,000 sexes, anti-cancer secretions, and the ability to break down hormone like petrochemicals that are found in beauty products, processed food, plastics, and in trace amounts in all environments around the world. Working with this mushroom and it’s fellow “white rot fungi” (tree eating mushrooms) as companion organisms in a world colonized by these petrochemicals, we are translating scientific literature and methods into more legible recipes. Recipes for creating a petri dish culture from mushrooms found in the wild, recipes for identifying mushrooms that are good at breaking down these “hormone mimicking” petrochemicals, and recipes for making medicinal foods, ferments, and extracts. The displayed piece is a “bioreactor” made with cheap, readily available parts like a hacked DVD drive to aerate a liquid culture of the mushroom, and hobby motor liquid pumps to regulate nutrients and other environmental conditions.

Professional laboratory grade bioreactors designed to maintain growth conditions for an organism by regulating food, oxygen, water, etc. can cost tens of thousands of dollars. In our case the bioreactor will incubate and grow the mushroom, while also slowly increasing it’s exposure to hormone mimicking petrochemicals with the intention of pushing the mushroom overtime to mutate and accelerate its pollutant degrading abilities.