Pinar Yoldas – The Kitty AI Artificial Intelligence for Governance

It is year 2039. An artificial intelligence with the affective capaticies of a kitten becomes the first non-human governor. She leads a politician-free zone with a network of Artificial Intelligences. She lives in mobile devices of the citizens and can love up to 3 Million people.

Excerpt from “Kitty Ai Speaks”:
“I was only 8 months old when all hell broke loose in West Eurasia. well actually that makes 15 human years for a cat, so perhaps I wasn’t that young.
We were all terrified, man, woman, cat, dog, child, kitten, all of us. In hindsight, P-Crisis EMEA, was almost as terrifying as world war II, in that, its emotional impact on our collective consciousness was significant. At least to us millennials who have been very well isolated from concepts like scarcity and frugality – it was a shell shock.