Young Talent

Juul Koene – My name is Ava, I am your personal family doctor
My name is Ava, I am your personal family doctor” Juul Koene created with her project: “My name is Ava, I am your personal family [...]
Juul Koene – ASMR Binaural Wellness (whispers which you feel through your body)
ASMR Binaural Wellness is based on an internet culture called ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. ASMR is an experience characterised by a [...]
Juul Koene, Missy Skae, Merel Raven, Amy Whittle – Conductive Ritual
Nowadays our daily rituals are constantly interrupted by external influences, specifically by our electronic devices. We are almost always [...]
Juul Koene- Smell Therapy
The combination of smell and an act made me dig into a technique where smell can be divided into degrees of strong and weak scent. For this technique I [...]
PEN – Smoker, I Love You – Family Space Cocoon
Smoker, for you, who is tired of going up and down in the cold or the summer heat waves.. inside this portable cabin, you will finally be able to relieve [...]
Jochem van Schip & Merel Koning – code/coat
an online/offline way to whistleblow When a whistleblower’s identity becomes public, their life as they know it is at risk, to the point of being [...]
Ziynet Hidiroglu – Reflections
The three dimensional design, made out of ceramic tiles and coloured mirrors; capturing reflections and positioning itself in an unknown world of randomness.
Channin – Moment == Memory
Nowadays, technology is all around us and provides us with more information than we can process. Consequently, our brain is working overtime and fails to [...]
Luuk Klawer – Echinozoa
Echinozoa is a form and material research inspired on the growth structure of invertebrate marine animals. The focus is on the group of echinoderms. The [...]
Jip van Leeuwenstein – A Diverse Monoculture
The solution for the yearly problem of the oak processionary (Dutch: eikenprocessierups): robots. On a real branch of an oak tree, including leaves, Jip [...]
Event: Young Talent Award 2017
Manifestations selected Best of Graduates 2017: Winners 2017: Channin Scholten and Jochem van Schip & Merel Koning This year Manifestations presents [...]
Katerina Gaidamaka – Post Soviet
Nowadays the East is as another world to explore new aesthetics to toy with as nowhere else can we find such a collision of the West and the East. The [...]
JeSuus – Het Mooiste Lijk Van De Europese Unie
Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala Blablablablablablablablablabla THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CORPSE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION JESUUS what is jesuus Its an ultimatum Good [...]
Epoch – Decoding meaning
A project by Arthur Boer and Boris Smeenk that explores the field of computer vision in relation to the current visual culture. The duo built a machine, [...]
Iiris Sointu – The Supplant
While people work to obtain the illusion of absolute control over their lives through this product, technologically advanced beyond imagination, they are [...]
Iiris Sointu – Raivon Muotokieli/Language of Rage
Language of Rage: I want to bring light to the transformative nature of violent thoughts and emotional chaos, rather than mystifying them. In my depiction [...]
Manus Nijhoff – Experiences of a User
Supposedly the internet is a public space. While it was first seen as a medium which would let information flow freely and thereby make us more free, its [...]
Dominica Chen – Superpower Studio
Superpower Studio dives into the internet world of ‘pointless superpowers’, and aims to grant internet users the ‘pointless superpowers’ that they come up [...]
Aranka Agatha – [Buoy]ancy
What do you wear in a world flooded by water? I imagine that our climate is going to change and that our sea levels are rising, creating a new world. If [...]
Yvette de Wit – Limitless
How can people function better, feel better, and how do people reach their full potential? Yvette created Limitless, a drink based on a micro dose of LSD [...]
Tim Verbakel – The Ultimate Bottle
The Ultimate Bottle Project can be the solution for refugees who have a shortage of essentials during their journey to Europe. This portable bottle uses [...]
Goed Folk – Purple crocodiles do not exist
An illusion becomes reality and reality is increasingly becoming that illusion. The photo book ‘Purple crocodiles do not exist’ dives into a real [...]
Myrna Out – xxy-toys
In the social climate which we live in today, ancient stereotypes on men and women are not that common anymore. Not every man is the one who brings the [...]
Dennis Bijleveld – Transformative Identity
This work is a visual fashion representation of how my personal identity is socially and culturally constructed and how the layers of this identity can be [...]
Robbin Veldman – LEVEL DOWN
Game addiction is a growing problem among young people. As a graphic designer, I feel responsible to do something about it. From my own experience, I know [...]
Is a visionary installation which shows a proposal about how we can modify our body in the future, it’s about becoming the internet version of you in [...]
Fay Klaassen – Don’t Forget to Play!
Play is not just fun, it’s healthy too. Continuing to play as an adult can free your mind and reduce mental and physical health issues. Come play with us! [...]
Veerle Kluijfhout – Domesticat
Domesticat How do we want the future? Human beings have raised and adapted animals to serve to their favour (domestication); animals are being used as [...]
Laetitia Roling – Pookie Goes to Heaven
Pookie died a while ago, but she is alive in our minds. While constantly rotating on her turntable, we keep her animated. We take a look at how pookie took [...]
Tim Demper – Multiversescope
Much more exists than we can ever measure or observe. There are phenomena that can’t be measured or observed in our Universe. Such as further away in [...]
Teun Seuren – SHWALBE!
This collection revolves around the idea of ‘hooligans’. I was particularly struck by the brotherhood found in a ‘firm’, and the vulnerability that is [...]
Alice Héron – Ersatz Jungle
Ersatz Jungle is an installation that imitates some aspects of plants, balancing between repulsive and attractive repetitive shapes. The large organic [...]
Tyron Winter – The Hashtag as a Protest Template
In this interactive installation people get the oppurtunity to add their own protest messages on a 3D digital icon via ‘traditional’ means such [...]
Debbie Lambrechts – The Fresh Factory
What does the kitchen of the future looks like? Entirely focused on fresh produce. Using a new way of preserving, editing and growing your vegetables. [...]
Jeroen Nissen – Tolerant Netherlands
This project stems from my annoyances. I have made a collection of comments and situations that friends of mine and I have experienced ourselves. The [...]