Veerle Kluijfhout – Domesticat

Monday March 6th, 2017 - Internet of Poes Things, Internet of Women Things, Young Talent
Veerle Kluijfhout – Domesticat


How do we want the future? Human beings have raised and adapted animals to serve to their favour (domestication); animals are being used as companions, as food, as raw material for the production of leather bags, for winning prices, et cetera.

In our current Western society we are used distinguishing between so-called production animals and pets.

The production animal lives to be processed into all kinds of products, whereby the entire production process takes place behind closed doors. The consumer has no contact with these animals and they are unrecognisably manufactured into products.

Pets, on the contrary, are cared for. They are embedded in the family as truly companions.  We selectively breed them so to introduce features of affection and ideals of beauty.

Are we aware of how we are using animals in our consumption society: as consumer durables, for our own wellbeing and pleasure? Also, do we give any thought to the paradox of an animal virtually being a family member or a source of raw material?

Project Domesticat raises questions on our (unconscious) patterns of thinking about the nature and source of an everyday product by turning a pet into a production animal.