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Manifestations needs Volunteers!
Would you like to be part of the team that offers visitors a life changing experience, assist artists to show their work, then join us as volunteer! [...]
Do you want to participate in Manifestations 2017? The largest Innovative Art, Tech and Fun event of the DDW? 4500m2 at VEEM building on A location. At [...]
Event: Young Talent Award 2017
Manifestations selected Best of Graduates 2017: Winners 2017: Channin Scholten and Jochem van Schip & Merel Koning This year Manifestations presents [...]
Kids program
…but also grown-ups¬†can join in 360 degree experiments, regain control over your device, creative programming,¬†Imagine your Future…
Meet new People
Most of the program is interactive.. so you will Definately meet new People… but is your Neighbour he says he is…?
DDW prepping for launch
The 2017 edition of Dutch Design Week is about to unleash its creative powers! The all new festival Manifestations is going to be one of the most [...]