Hyperspace Collective

Hyperspace Collective – Virtual Reality Collective Brainport Region
The Hyperspace Collective is a cluster of companies in the Brainport Region who work with Augmented and Virtual Reality technology. [icon [...]
Virtual Reality in a Wheelchair..
secret program, will be updated later..
Martijn Kors – Permanent (Hyperspace Collective)
Permanent is an interactive narrative about life in temporary housing after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. As a player, you take on the role of a [...]
Studio Sjoucke – A world of VR sketches (Hyperspace Collective)
Studio Sjoucke is engaged in VR, made in a sketch style. In a VR experience you can see how Strijp-S looks like the current plans. And is investigating how [...]
Mind Mansion (Hyperspace Collective)
On Monday till Sunday Mind Mansion presents, in collaboration with Hyperspace Collective, the virtual reality applications Mind Mansion and VR-tigo. With [...]
VR Podia (Hyperspace Collective)
VRPODIA is a softwaretool, developed bij, to create interactive 3D projections of photos and videos. At DDW17 the installation “awareness of [...]
Kaiser VR
KaiserVR focusses on involving future users in the design process of the built environment, the user can have a better image of future plans, using Virtual [...]