JeSuus – Het Mooiste Lijk Van De Europese Unie

Wednesday August 2nd, 2017 - Young Talent
JeSuus – Het Mooiste Lijk Van De Europese Unie

what is jesuus
Its an ultimatum

Good lord
What a way to go out


Cryonic peace
One hand on my jesuus piece


You can’t sit with us

🙂 Frida Pastina & Ben Dover


Culture has always played an important role in JeSuus’s artworks. Sub-sequentially to using images originating from pop culture, she uses images that already have a strong association with certain religious or social aspects. Her work combines and redefines these in a playful way. Her own Palestinian culture and heritage is a different aspect, one that JeSuus has always been very vocal about; in person and in her work. She works from her own experiences and emotional horizon, how she identifies as a third generation Palestinian refugee.

Over the past few years I have seen the gravital role of her heritage in her work change. Ranging from a dominant element in the work, sometimes with a very direct point of view, or a shouting statement, to an element that has an interaction with the surroundings it is placed in (the surroundings and/or the installation have undergone the same transition). In the grand scheme of things they might not be immediately visible, nevertheless they do play an important role and when they get noticed they provide a change in the way the object is perceived. Her work is inviting, it draws you in and surrounds you in the bright, versitile and colourful world of JeSuus.

The latest development to focus more on form, the elements in their own right and how they correspond to one another is one that shows growth as an artist. Not specifically talking about her previous work and it being in any way less, its contrast provides us with the conclusion that but JeSuus the artist has matured. She always could create work from a pure emotion, which gave the viewer a connection to her. To focus less on her personal emotion and reflect more on form, image and relation between the elements to create from, that is one that I view as mature. To decide that for one’s own artistic development a side path sometimes needs to be taken, outside of the safe and known, might come across as something that is naturally part of being an artist, but that doesn’t mean it is an easy decision to make. I am looking forward to see what she will present at this years Dutch Design Week.

-text by Nina van der Werf



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