Juul Koene- Smell Therapy

Wednesday September 6th, 2017 - Library Location, Internet of Women Things, Young Talent, Program
Juul Koene- Smell Therapy

The combination of smell and an act made me dig into a technique where smell can be divided into degrees of strong and weak scent. For this technique I used 24 pots. Every pot has a different amount of a particular substance. This is a new form of therapy fragrance. Through constant exposure to different amounts of scent you will become more relaxed over time and it helps to boost your immune system. The whole therapy is put in a wearable body piece which makes it possible for the user to do it at home and not necessary at a therapy session.

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Juul Koene is part of Internet of Women Things and graduated this year at ArtEZ Arnhem, she is part of our Young Talent program.


Location: Library Eindhoven