Innovative High Tech: Torque Wind Turbine – The Next Step in Renewable Energy

The new Torque Wind Turbine is the world’s most advanced small wind turbine for the highest output

What makes the Torque Wind Turbine so special is that it reaches a high starting torque immediately at very low wind speeds, produces a lot of energy from low wind speeds, and reacts instantly on wind gusts and wind direction changes. The output starts at 2 Beaufort, continues all the way through to high wind speeds with smooth balanced rotation. Energy production remains effective and efficient in inclement weather such as snow and rain storms. The output on an annual basis is superior to other wind turbine designs with average wind speeds below 4 Beaufort. The wind energy conversion can be controlled stepless between 100% and 0% ensuring that an overload of the grid or overcapacity on the grid is not an issue. 0% conversion mode allows for maintenance to be performed safely even when wind is blowing.