Leonardo Selvaggio – URME Surveillance

Wednesday August 30th, 2017 - Program
Leonardo Selvaggio – URME Surveillance

URME Surveillance is an subversive intervention that protects the public from facial recognition surveillance systems in a variety of ways. The principle method is by inviting the public to wear a photo-realistic, 3D-printed prosthetic of my face. When a user dons the prosthetic, camera systems equipped with facial recognition software identify that user as myself, thus attributing all of their actions to the identity known as “Leo Selvaggio.” In this way, wearers of the prosthetic safeguard their own identities by performing my persona in surveilled areas.


The masks are on loan from Bits of Freedom and were purchased with the support of the Stimuleringsfonds for the Rendering Realities exhibition, curated by Margarita Osipian.

URME Surveillance currently consists of three primary devices. The first is the URME Surveillance Identity Prosthetic, which is a 3D printed, photo-realistic mask of my face. The second is the URME Paper Mask, a economical alternative that lends itself to groups such as activists and protesters, and lastly the URME Facial Video Encryptor, a custom built software that encrypts files by digitally replacing up to five faces in the video with my own. These devices are made available to the public at Click on the names below to navigate to each device on the URME Surveillance website.

URME Surveillance Identity Prosthetic

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Thank to Bits of Freedom and Stimuleringsfonds