Prof. Loe Feijs (TU/e) & Marina Toeters ( Pied de Pulse

Saturday May 6th, 2017 - Library Location, Internet of Women Things, Program
Prof. Loe Feijs (TU/e) & Marina Toeters ( Pied de Pulse

Massage jacket: Pied de Pulse: Packing Embroidered Circles and Coil Actuators in Pied de Poule (Houndstooth)
by Loe Feijs (TU/e) and Marina Toeters (

“This project has two aims: first is to study and implement a fractal-like structure of circles inspired by Apollonian circles, combined with pied de poule (houndstooth) [1]. The 2nd aim is to push the integration of electric actuators in garments, using the power of algorithmic design and digital manufacturing. The result is a unique electronically enabled garment. Embroidery-machine patterns are made in Tajima file format. Flat coils of copper with magnets work as vibration actuators in the garment (like rotary vibration motors, but are better integrated in the garment and matching fashion production methods).”

Location: Library Eindhoven

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