Neffa – Dynamic Skin

Saturday May 6th, 2017 - Internet of Women Things, Program
Neffa – Dynamic Skin

Use of technology in the fashion industry is, at present, limited predominantly to gadgets and accessories that monitor what the body is doing and allow the user to react. A more interesting application, however, is to make the textile itself dynamic and responsive to the user’s needs. Neffa explored what possibilities technology offers for making textile organic and alive. The result is Dynamic Skin.

NEFFA feels that textile should respond to the user instead of the other way around. Innovation should create textiles that are much more alive, to reaffirm our connection with them. This can be achieved with textiles that respond to the wearer’s needs, for example actively providing protection or care without any conscious thought on the wearer’s part. This is the idea behind Dynamic Skin.

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