Sensoree – AWE Goosebumps

Wednesday September 6th, 2017 - Internet of Women Things, Program
Sensoree – AWE Goosebumps

In a dialog of art and science, SENSOREE therapeutic biomedia  animates the feeling of awe. Awe is the subtle mix of fear and wonder that gives the chills, the shutters up your spine that provoke emotionally based goosebumps called frisson. The latent sense is measured with a series of biosensors to monitor excitement, breath, and heart rate, then expressed with extimacy – illuminated breathing patterns and amplified wonder with silicone inflatables which initiates the peekaboo interaction of kiragami fabric to stand on end like goosebumps. Feel the thrill!

made with support from the Design Lab, UTwente
Design by Kristin Neidlinger and creative robotics by Edwin Dertien

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AWE Goosebumps

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